Industrial cleaning

We, the company building and immovable services S.A. help you, in Germany and Luxembourg with the research after required services and provide it.
Also in the big array of industrial cleaning. It includes much more than the regular maintenance of the rooms, namely the caring and maintenance of the whole building:
Cleaning of facades, the floor, the upkeep and open space.
Within our Facility Management, these services can be widend individually by fetch- and bring services, winter road maintenance, garden upkeep, caretaking, paintwork etc.

You can find further information on the pages „caretaking“ and „everyday cleaning“.

Industrial cleaning
Industrial cleaning means not only office cleaning but includes all cleaning measures within the whole object, that means the cleaning of facades, of open space, and also smaller services, caretaking and paintwork. Übrigens: Wir sind deutschlandweit und in Luxemburg für Sie tätig. Detaillierte Informationen zu unseren Standorten, u.a. Trier, Bitburg, Wittlich, Frankfurt am Main, Köln und Stuttgart finden Sie hier.