Factory security offices

For the purpose of building observation of your immovable, we, the company building an immovable service S.A.  acquire for you individually needed services like factory security offices, sentry, control service or skilled personnel for industrial safety and fire prevention.
Administrative services, reception services, and postal service are also available.

The factory security offices is a department for us, which we evolved in year-long experience. We are members of the jury for the security industry for te IHK Trier.
The education and quality of the staff on site, is the focal point. Everyone of the security staff is teached, according to § 34 a of the security industry. Internal trainings are of course cumpolsory. The elaboration and the transaction of the custody service behooves the quality management.

Factory security offices
Factory security offices for your building, custody, security services. Übrigens: Wir sind deutschlandweit und in Luxemburg für Sie tätig. Detaillierte Informationen zu unseren Standorten, u.a. Trier, Bitburg, Wittlich, Frankfurt am Main, Köln und Stuttgart finden Sie hier.