If you want to rely on a partner, this partner should be there for you if you really need him.

Economic development is the reason why it is no longer possible to handle global and communicative elements in a rapid and efficient way.

We have promised to ourself, that the customer can find the optimal offer of service.

An overall concept and transaction of all achievements in one package is usefull and effective.
The planning of expenses is easily understandable and is planable beforhand.

Services - Facility Management - immovable service

Give us a task - we will solve it!

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Company Management

Immovable service S.A. - we are a specialised company concentrating on the acquisition of services
and facility management, immovables - in Germany and Luxembourg. The main field of activity is Facility Management. Additionally we offer immovable services (broker, financing, maintenance). By the way: We do have habitats all over germany. For more information you may have a look at our locations: Trier, Bitburg, Wittlich, Frankfurt am Main, Köln and Stuttgart.